CQC Preparation & Compliance with Regulations

Worrying about a CQC Inspection causes tension in the practice which can be avoided with some forethought. With good preparation you can face a CQC Inspection confidently having prepared thoroughly, however you probably don’t have the time to do this yourself. Professional Dental Advisers can help you prepare your policies and procedures and visit you to carry out an assessment of the environment and clinical staff. A CQC Inspection of a practice that is confident that it is Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-Led should be a rewarding experience. Contact us for more information

Professional Dental Advisers provides the expertise to assist practices to comply with the plethora of regulatory and other non-clinical requirements, whilst allowing dentists and their teams to focus on the business of treating patients, confident that the other aspects are being met effectively. 

Policies & Procedures

The number of policies and procedures needed by dental practices to comply with legal and governance requirements seems to grow by the day.  Whilst it is possible to obtain many of these documents ‘off the shelf’, almost all still need to be modified or re-written to meet the individual practice situation.  This work inevitably takes the dentist and the team away from the ‘day job’ of providing quality dental care.

Professional Dental Advisers has considerable experience and expertise in developing policies and procedures for individual practices, both to meet mandatory requirements and governance purposes.  This includes recent developments associated with the Care Quality Commission’s Outcomes and the Information Governance initiative.

Our support packages are specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of practices in meeting the demands of a regulator or in the development of a staff handbook and practice manual.


The Procurement process for new contracts is complex and time consuming and to many seems to be too daunting to get involved. The process demands that you answer questions that are unfamiliar to you and after a stressful day in the surgery it is often regarded as too hard to get involved.

However the rewards can be great and can help you expand your practice to new levels with greater contract value or new surgery sites etc. Professional Dental Advisers can help you through the process giving you the advantages that the Corporates have. We have sucessfully helped many bidders win contracts and would be happy to work with you. For more information just email a request

Risk Management

Full and detailed risk assessment is a key factor in many areas of dental practice to ensure that the practice runs smoothly and that staff, patients and contractors are in a safe environment.  The knowledge that day to day operation is backed up by managed and proportionate processes goes a long way to developing peace of mind for all involved in the practice – particularly those with ultimate responsibility if anything goes wrong.

It is not possible completely to eliminate all risks, however if an incident occurs and an assessment of risk has not been undertaken, the consequences can be costly and time-consuming with possible legal implications.  There is also potential for damage to the practice reputation.  Carrying out a risk assessment is mandatory for some areas e.g. fire safety, but risk management and contingency planning in other areas makes sense for the practice as a whole.

Professional Dental Advisers has considerable experience in developing risk assessment, risk management programmes and in contingency planning to minimise risk in all areas of a practice’s working environment.  A bespoke assessment and analysis tailored to the specific situation of an individual organisation can be included in the support package if required.

Practice & Team Development

Planning and development are vital aspects of any successful practice – both for the organisation as a whole and for the individual members of the team.  Running a practice without a development plan (ideally for one, three and even five years) is like trying to navigate a ship without a compass or satellite navigation – the rocks may not be seen before it is too late.

 Similarly, a member of the team without a personal development plan is potentially a wasted resource, lacking direction, motivation and job satisfaction.  The key to successful planning and development is to have a structured process which is followed by the whole team and regularly reviewed.

Professional Dental Advisers has the expertise to work with the practice and its team to develop a corporate and individual plan to ensure that the organisation and its members have a clear direction of travel and that the abilities and aspirations of team members are identified, developed and harnessed to the benefit of the practice in an efficient and constructive way.

Problem Solving

Problems can occur, even in the best managed practices and usually need to be dealt with rapidly with the input of knowledge and leadership.  When it is difficult to ‘see the wood for the trees’ an experienced and analytical helping hand can be of huge value in helping the practice to reach a considered and proportionate response to a situation.

Professional Dental Advisers have worked for many years in developing and providing solutions to problems for both practices and Primary Care Organisations.  We can provide a long-term or rapid response approach to working with practices to identify the causes of problems and in developing solutions tailor-made to the individual situation.


A mentor has been described as a ‘helpful and non-judgmental friend.’  The role of a mentor is to guide the individual or ‘mentee’ to find their own solution to a situation through a structured approach with the mentor acting as a guide to explore and test the options to find a ‘best fit.’  Mentoring assists the mentee in finding their own solutions rather than through a prescriptive or directive approach, whilst ensuring that the direction of travel is always in the best direction for the mentee.  This has the benefit of giving the mentee full ownership of the outcome.

Our Professional Dental Adviser has been formally trained in a recognised mentoring model and can offer this approach as part of a package when appropriate.


Audit is a critical appraisal of your performance measured against an accepted standard and the implementation of changes to improve the quality of patient care.

In dentistry each practice must audit its decontamination process six monthly and each clinician must assure the quality of his/her Xrays every twelve months. In addition it is Best Practice to audit the quality of clinical records and carry out patient satisfaction surveys.

PDA can carry out audits on your behalf, produce reports, identify actions required and provide training in the audit process.